Complete systems for the Railway and Traffic Technology

VME- and CPCI systems

For the construction of computer systems in the railway and traffic technology, such as signal control or for trains information and control systems, Schroff offers complete VMEbus or CPCI systems, including backplane, power supply and climate control. The mechanical construction of these micro computer packaging systems is based on the proven and to NF F 61 005 and NF F 60 002 (SNCF) and EN 50 155 (general standard for rail stock in Europe) tested 19” subrack series europacPRO.


The product range included 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 U VME subracks with VME system backplane J1/J2 Monolithic with 5, 8, 12 or 21 slots and 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 U subracks, which are equipped with CompactPCI backplanes to PICMG 2.0 (Rev. 3.0). All systems are prepared for the installation of CD-ROM and/or Floppy drives. The integrated fans can be independently controlled with an FCM (Fan Control Modul) to set temperatures. Up to four DC fans and up to four temperature sensors can be connected. Apart from the filtration of the fan power voltages in order to reduce the interference the fan speed is monitored and in case of interference an alarm is raised. Thereby high functionality of the systems is guaranteed. To show voltages and fan operation the systems are equipped with a monitor. Fault and malfunctions are indicated with LEDs. As power supplies customer specific units are used, that correspond to the specific demands of the railway and traffic technology. The special configures DC/DC convertors have an input range of between 16 to 150 V DC and are available as installed or plug-in units.


Schroff is a leading developer and manufacturer of packaging systems for the electronics, automation, IT and communications industries. The standard product range extends from cabinets, cases and subracks, fan units, power supplies, backplanes to micro computer assembly systems. With its extensive integration services Schroff is able to offer the customer complete systems for the 19” technology. Schroff belongs to the Pentair Enclosures Group Europe, with its headquarters in Straubenhardt/Germany and employs 1,500 people throughout Europe. The group is part of Pentair Inc., a Minnesota-based manufacturer whose core


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Shock and vibration proof VME and CPCI systems

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